GIVE Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments

Second NLG Challenge on Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments (GIVE-2)

Part of Generation Challenges 2010

GIVE-2 was the second installment of the GIVE Challenge, which was completed in mid 2010. The main novelty in GIVE-2 over GIVE-1 was that where GIVE-1 used discrete worlds (which were based on square tiles, and the user could only jump from the center of one tile to the center of the next, and turn in 90 degree steps), GIVE-2 permitted free, continuous movements in the worlds. This aimed to make the generation task more challenging because simple instructions of the form "walk three steps forward" were no longer possible.

Seven NLG systems participated in GIVE-2, which were evaluated by more than 1800 users from 39 countries. The results have been presented at the 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG 2010) in Dublin, Ireland.